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Brief introduction of application of three kinds of fine crushing in cone crusher
Aug 09, 2017

Cone crusher According to the scope of use, divided into coarse, medium and finely broken three kinds, coarse crushing cone crusher also called cycle crusher, crushing and crushing cone crusher also known as fungus Cone crusher, cone crusher Coarse medium fine three kinds of finely used the scope is described below.
From the current situation of small machine crusher industry in the country, foreign mechanical small crusher industry has many worthy of our lessons and learning, for the realization of harmonious development of natural environment, the mechanical small crusher more "energy-saving and environmental protection", with the help of various advanced small crusher technology on the mode, resources, processes, organizations to continue to open up, so that small crusher in the entire life cycle of environmental pollution and minimization of environmental damage.
Under impact, the crushed material is often fractured along its weakest level, this kind of selective crushing method has higher probability of cubic shape, so the impact crusher products can be less than 10% of the needle flake percentage content, and the jaw type, cone and roller crusher products, such as the percentage of the needle-flake. It is suitable for the establishment of permanent concrete mixing station. Low carbon steel plate is mainly used for chromium, molybdenum and other elements of alloy steel, hardness, toughness, matrix, bainite or martensite tissue Bainite + martensite.
With the new technology, a high abrasion resistance, high toughness chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy materials have been developed to solve the crushing problem of hard materials.
Successful marketing of small Crusher brings unprecedented opportunity to the whole small crusher industry, at present, the domestic small-scale crusher has been rapidly covered the home market, to achieve self-sufficiency, has become a national pride of the place, the development of mechanical production of small crusher has been successfully recognized by the market, its reputation, service, technology are the world's leading. When the elbow plate is in contact with the elbow pad, the lubricating grease must be injected before the crusher starts.
Because the production capacity of limestone crusher is between 600~800t/h, it is $number times of limestone crushing ability, effectively solves the problem that the original limestone crusher has high running rate and no test time due to low yield. Construction waste Treatment Plant is a supporting measure of modern city construction, it is the way to effectively dispose and comprehensively utilize the waste resources of urban buildings, so it is suitable for four weeks along the city to establish the construction waste disposal field according to the regional division of labor, and to combine with the city and long-term planning, and then the change of the town construction is orderly or decrease. show that the machinery will face a new round of industry demand, herald the mechanical industry boom, is expected to inherit high and continuing.

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