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Effect of gravel production line on output of jaw crusher
Aug 09, 2017

Sand production line influence jaw crusher production reason, to be produced broken material condition is certain, namely material hardness and toughness condition fixed, the user can improve the adjustment jaw crusher output from the following several aspects, to ensure the stability of the supply voltage power supply in the production process, it is a good condition to ensure the production; the connection position of the jaw crusher motor is reversed, which affects the work of the motor; the discharge port size of jaw crusher is small, and the production output will be obstructed by discharging mouth. It is necessary to adjust the size of the discharging port.

The displacement phenomenon of jaw plate of jaw crusher will also affect the working state and working efficiency of the equipment, to ensure that the jaw plate position is appropriate; jaw crusher after use for a period of time, the jaw plate structure and bearing wear to increase the working gap, bearing outer ring relatively rotation, resulting in lower production, you can often check the jaw plate and bearing wear status and timely replacement.

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