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How to do the regular maintenance of cone crusher
Aug 09, 2017

The use and maintenance of science is one of the important ways to make cone crusher always in good condition, if use or maintenance is improper, it is very easy to cause the malfunction of equipment and reduce the service life of Cone Crusher. What should we pay special attention to in the daily use and maintenance of cone crusher? Now let me give you a brief introduction.

First, according to the design model, proper control of feed size, strictly prohibit the design of the maximum size of the material to enter the cone crusher.

Second, the selection of suitable feeding equipment, such as the use of plate feeder or vibration feeder feeding machine, to ensure that the feed evenly stable, to avoid uneven feeding equipment caused by the impact and the occurrence of invalid operation.

Third, because the cone Crusher Hammer Casting quality error, the use of the hammerhead should be based on the current situation, on time inverted eye, turn over, so that the hammerhead uniform wear and rotor operation balance.

Four, replace the new cone Crusher hammerhead when the best to weigh, according to the quality of the average divided into groups, each group of the quality requirements are equal, otherwise boot rotor imbalance easy to cause vibration.

At the time of parking, check the gap between the Cone Crusher's hammerhead and the Sieve bar, the Sieve bar and the sieve strip, adjust when necessary, and replace the sieve strip regularly. Because the cost of the hammerhead is higher than the screen bar, the new sieve bar can use 4-5 more classes than the old one.

The cone Crusher's hammer frame is the cast steel material, and the material contact is less, but when the cone crusher enters the metal material or the lining board falls off, easily causes the hammer plate to damage or the bending, then must promptly replace it, otherwise easily clamps the hammerhead to cause the vibration.

The Bing of the cone crusher and the side plate of the machine shell are affected by the material impact, the wear of the side hammer plate is more serious, in order to prolong the service life of the side plate, the wear-resisting layer can be welded out on the circumference of the side plate and side plate.

VIII, due to the friction in operation, spindle diameter easily wear at both ends of the shaft, the installation must be at the shaft diameter with two of the sleeve, so that it is wrapped in the shaft protection shaft diameter.

Ninth, Cone crusher bearing wear after the timely repair and finishing. Bearing wear after the general should be based on the new size scraping bearing, adjust the thickness of the gasket to maintain a reasonable gap, in order to form effective lubricating oil film.