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How to solve the daily problems of Hammer Crusher and its solution?
Aug 09, 2017

The hammer crusher is mainly used in the cement plant for medium crushing or crushing moderately hard materials.Hammer Crusher Daily encountered problems and solutions

1. There are problems with hammerhead. Hammer Crusher's hammerhead is the main easy to wear parts. After the replacement, driving when the vibration is found aggravating, will cause the spindle bearing or coupling damage phenomenon. Therefore, the Hammerhead has a short period of use.
Solution: Hammer in the use of the process according to the current situation should be on time to reverse the eye, turn over, until the replacement of the new hammerhead, replace the new hammerhead to weigh on the scales, and then evenly divided into groups (generally 3 or 4 groups), so that each group of weight to be equal, otherwise driving will easily cause vibration, because the hammer in the casting is the error, so that the weight of each hammerhead is not the same.
2. There is a problem with the hammer frame. Hammer Crusher Hammer frame is cast steel material, with less contact with the material, but sometimes in the crusher into the metal or due to the liner falling off easily caused by the damage or bending of the hammer plate, causing vibration. In addition, the Bing of the hammer frame and the side plate of the casing will be affected by the material impact, and the wear of the side hammer plate is more serious.
Solution: Timely inspection of the hammer plate, bending damage can repair the repair, can not be repaired in time to replace, because the hammer plate bending easy to create a pinch hammer, causing vibration. For the wear of the Bing one is the wear-resisting layer surfacing, the second is to change the new side plate before the best in the side plate and close to the side of the surface of the heap welding wear-resistant layer, to extend the service life of the edge plate.
3. There are problems in the spindle. Hammer Crusher Spindle, due to the friction in operation, the two ends of the shaft diameter will wear. Spindle and sliding bearing with the shaft diameter, due to the use of oil ring lubrication, long time running easily caused by the shaft diameter wear or drawing, so that the spindle and bearing contact surface is not good, causing tile heat, affecting production.
Solution: The spindle at both ends of the installation of the sheath, the use of interference fit, so that the shell shaft diameter can be effectively protected. The spindle is transported to the mechanic shop, the worn place is light off on the lathe, and then the gasket is adjusted according to the new size of the shaft.

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