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Jaw crusher as a conventional stone crusher has the following five types and characteristics
Aug 09, 2017

Jaw crusher as a conventional stone crusher has the following five types and characteristics
(1) The jaw crusher has a moving jaw;
Vibrating jaw crusher can start, stop and overload under load. In the vibrating jaw crusher, because the motor directly drives is eccentric heavy block, the motor starts only to overcome the unbalanced static moment of the eccentric heavy block to complete the starting work, the crushing cavity has no material to the eccentric heavy block static moment slightest relation, therefore can start in any condition.
(2) Jaw crusher has two moving jaw;
Can be used to break very hard material. The second type of counterattack or roller crusher is hard to smash hard materials, conventional jaw crusher and cone crusher need very sturdy rack, and vibrating jaw crusher can effectively break hard materials, such as titanium alloy, cemented carbide, artificial crystal, silicon calcium alloy, ferrosilicon, chromium iron, boron iron, ferromanganese, smelting copper slag, even if the overload is not damaged equipment institutions.
(3) Vibrating jaw crusher has heavy casing and pendulum;
In vibrating jaw crusher, the force has impact characteristics. In the vibrating jaw crusher, because of the impact characteristic of the force, the force exerts a great steepness on the material, and the force is very fast and pulsating. Compared with the percussive or hammer crusher, the impact load of the vibrating jaw crusher is not on the free falling material, but on the material between the jaw plate and the heavy frame which can be regarded as a hammer blow on the anvil.
(4) Vibrating jaw crusher casing with vibrator;
With a higher crushing ratio. Vibration jaw Crusher Crusher compared to the general jaw crusher 2-3 times higher. The general jaw crusher is not to use the impact method to cause the jaw plate to the material function, in the material passes through the conventional jaw crusher's crushing cavity the time is less, the force's size is limited by the Crusher's kinematics, produces the breakage to be relatively small, causes a system to work several paragraphs.
(5) Vibrating Jaw Crusher has several working cavities;
When an item is not broken, the device body is not damaged. Vibrating jaw crusher adopts a high impact speed of the moving jaw, the use of inertia transmission, the position of two moving jaw is not limited by the kinematic parameters, when the material can not be broken, with the Crusher games automatically from the discharging port, do not need downtime, and will not damage the equipment organization, will only affect this period of nesting granularity. and the general jaw crusher is rigid transmission according to the kinematic trajectory.

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