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Research and analysis of the solution of impact crusher rusting.
Apr 03, 2018

In daily life, no matter what products to use after a period of time, can appear the phenomenon of wear and damage, especially metals like impact crusher, long-term in the bad environment, inadequate maintenance can produce rusty phenomenon, and reduces the production efficiency of the equipment, cause the product doesn't meet the user's requirements. So what are the solutions to the rusting of impact crushers?

The solution to the rusting of impact crusher:

First, chemical derusting.

In the field of chemistry, the acid can be produced with metal oxide chemical reaction, so as to eliminate the impact crusher metal surface rust a cleaning method, popular is pickling, but this can only operate in the workplace.

Second, oxidation paint.

In the production process of impact crusher, if the metal surface of the equipment is found to have the phenomenon of paint drop, it is necessary to apply anti-oxidation paint in time.

Third, high pressure water derusting.

Impact crusher in the use of high pressure water, under the impact of pry damage and water corrosion and coating on the adhesion of the steel plate, is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage to steel plate, thus greatly improve the rust removing efficiency. Meanwhile, the rust removing steel plate is easy to be rusted, and the special rust removal materials need to be coated, which has a great influence on the general performance coatings.

Fourth, electric derusting.

Impact crusher can use the electric dust catcher, its main with electricity or compressed air as the power, and appropriate dust removal device assembly, thus for reciprocating motion, in order to adapt to the cleaning requirements of various kinds of occasions.

Fifth, anti-oxidation paint.

Impact crusher iron in the smear, such as mineral oil, paint layer on steel surface electric fields is not rusty metal, the metal surface to form a close layer of oxide film, to prevent the occurrence of rust materials such as water, air, contact.


During the period of the crusher or during the seasonal outage, the crusher and its unloaded parts should be stored on a solid scaffold to prevent contact with the ground. Allow the crusher to run for at least 5 minutes at least once a month to ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated. It can also be used to remove rust from chemical agents. Mainly using acid react with metal oxide, so as to get rid of efficient crusher equipment on the surface of the metal corrosion product of a cleaning method, known as pickling, the rust removal can only operation in the workshop. 

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