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Shanghai dongmeng promotes the development of green mines.
Mar 28, 2018

Takeaway: in the backdrop of the green mining, low carbon environmental protection of mining machinery equipment obtained fast development, Shanghai east of luqiao machinery co., LTD. As a famous domestic mining machinery equipment companies, with a series of environmental protection crusher boost the development of China's green mining.

Related contents of green mines:


1. The proposal of green mines: in order to solve the problems of resource waste, environmental damage and mining safety caused by the exploitation of extensive mining resources, China has vigorously promoted the construction of green mines. In 2007, the Chinese international mining conference was held in Beijing, according to resource utilization situation and the ecological environment problem, the ministry of land and resources minister xu shaoshi put forward at the meeting of "green mining" initiative.


2, the concept of green mining, green mining requirements including mine-running in accordance with the law, standardize management, comprehensive utilization of resources, technology innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection, land reclamation, community harmony, nine aspects, such as enterprise culture. Established the theory of green mining system and the mine ecological environment construction, including green mining is a kind of to maximize the resource utilization, minimizing environmental damage, the purpose, safe, effective and conducive to the sustainable development of coal mining technology system, is of great significance to the development of the green mine construction.


3. Influence of green mining philosophy on mine machinery:

The concept of green mining has a great impact on economy, environment and related industries. From the engineering machinery industry, under the background of the green mining, green mining, referred to in the "twelfth five-year" plan in our country, will continue to increase energy saving, emission reduction, the use of intelligence, informationization and improve product reliability as the mining machinery industry development in the future and the central task.


As a start of mining machinery equipment, crusher is faced with the challenge of the green environmental protection idea, the original low power efficiency and the big, take up the space is big "stupid, big, stupid, coarse crusher equipment will no longer meet the needs of The Times development, energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, low carbon crusher received market.

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