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Stone crusher in the production of broken stone in advance what to do those preparations
Aug 09, 2017

Stone crusher Suitable materials: Medium hardness Limestone, compressive strength ≤200mpa, and calcium content ≥40% stone. Can be used for a broken, can also be used for two broken (eat back material), can also achieve a molding (single machine broken), if the use of special counterattack (Schedule II) as a material crushing and plastic use, better results. and stone-specific counterattack crusher, the difference is only in the form of the rotor, stone heavy hammer crusher rotor with a hammerhead, can be around the hammer shaft rotation, stone-specific counterattack crusher rotor with a high chromium plate hammer, other shapes and structures are the same. Stone heavy hammer can be equipped with low-voltage motor, can also be equipped with high-voltage motor, can be equipped with dual-motor. What are the 7 preparations to be done before the operation of the stone crusher equipment?
1, the crusher must start before starting the dilute oil lubrication system, depending on the normal oil back to start.
2, the operation of manual dry oil cup, so that the lubrication point refueling sufficient.
3, to each manual dry oil cup twist to refuel.
4. At the same time, check the oil circuit system has no plug, oil leakage phenomenon.
5, check a variety of instruments is normal enough.
6, check the crushing cavity has no ore or other non-broken objects.
7, check the electrical interlocking devices, lighting signals and protection facilities are complete and functional.

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