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The difference between standard, medium and short head cone crusher
Aug 09, 2017

Cone crusher According to crusher broken cavity type of different, often can be divided into standard type, medium, short head type these three kinds of crusher type, is industrial crushing production commonly used in a "two broken" equipment. So for the characteristics of these three types of equipment we analyze, we hope to help more investment in the pre-invested cone crusher equipment friends investment options.
What are the differences between the standard, medium and short head cone crusher?
1. The shape of the crushing cavity is different. Short head type Cone Crusher parallel belt is longer, medium second, the shortest standard type.
2. The granularity of broken finished products is different. Short head type Cone crusher with long parallel belt broken materials are relatively fine, generally this type of cone crusher placed in the middle of the use of broken, and the standard type of cone crusher, broken materials, coarse grain size, high output, broken out of the material can be used as a broken.
3. The width of discharging mouth is different. Compared with medium-sized, short head type Cone crusher, the standard type Cone crusher's discharging mouth width is more applicable, so the standard cone crusher processing capacity is bigger in unit time processing quantity.
Second, Standard, Medium, short head cone crusher working principle
Next we look at the crushing principle of cone crusher, although the standard, medium, short head cone crusher is three different cone crusher, but in essence they are traditional spring cone crusher category of a class, there is similar working mechanism, so Dingbo heavy industry in this not too much, to standard cone crusher mainly described the cone crusher working principle. Standard cone crusher work, first by the motor rotation through the pulley or coupling, the drive shaft and cone are forced by the eccentric sleeve to rotate around a fixed position, forcing the broken wall and the distance between the rolling white walls fixed on the adjustment sleeve, so that the ore will be subjected to constant impact and crushing in the crushing chamber. It's easy to say how it works, in the actual research and development process, it is necessary to detect and repeat the test, Dingbo heavy industry technical engineers combined with a variety of crushing equipment, years of experience in crushing equipment manufacturing, after a long period of time, just to build customer satisfaction, applicable to the industry cone Crusher. Three kinds of crusher have been widely praised by the producers of sand-making machine industry.?

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