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The maintenance of crusher in sand making production line is not to be neglected
Aug 09, 2017

Sand-making machine manufacturers in the market is very many, this is because of China's various industries for the application of sand-making machine increased demand, because the use of gravel aggregates frequently make sand machine in the market is particularly outstanding, one of the sand production line and other types and use of good effect, in the sand production line Crusher is the third working procedure, jaw crusher after crushing, and then counterattack crusher material, again after screening to meet customer requirements of 20 to 60 mm of particles. Impact Crusher is a kind of crushing machine using impact energy, to ensure that the impact crusher, better in the sand continue to operate the production line, so that the effect of sand-making and sand-making machine service life is better, so we for the use of sand machine maintenance can not be ignored.

Do not be afraid of maintenance trouble, now the effort is fruitful, if you do not do the maintenance work, then your sand-making machine may be slowly eroded, a variety of failures, so that your production process has to stop, for your production efficiency and production costs have a corresponding impact. After each working day, we must carry on the omni-directional inspection to it, the lubricating oil, the fastener, the broken cavity, the vulnerable parts and so on, these are we need to carry on the corresponding inspection and to ensure that no error.

Just bought new equipment need to run after one weeks, in the run after the motor lubrication and other aspects of a comprehensive inspection. Other components include fixed parts, tightened belt drives, bearing seals, counterattack foils, liner wear to check all maintenance cycles, and a regular maintenance and replacement system combined.

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