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Three factors of temperature abnormity of jaw crusher
Aug 09, 2017

Under normal circumstances, the working temperature of jaw crusher is generally kept at the stage of about 5-10 degrees above ambient temperature. This is due to the crushing work of jaw crusher naturally generated heat, but according to some jaw crusher users feedback, in the use of jaw crusher will appear abnormal fever situation. In the case of all kinds of operation, jaw crusher Abnormal fever is the work of the crusher itself, the most important is the following three factors:
1, the temperature of the moving jaw
Jaw crusher is to use the upper and lower repeated movements of the jaw to crush the rolling material, the moving jaw parts are close to the fixed jaw plate, crushing the material, moving the jaw away from the fixed jaw, the products from the discharge of the discharging mouth. It can be seen that the operating intensity of moving jaw, the temperature is very easy to appear abnormal, when the temperature rise to a certain limit value will cause damage to the jaw plate, when necessary to take certain measures to resolve the abnormal temperature rise of the jaw, to avoid equipment failure caused by downtime, reduce production efficiency.
2. Friction Parts Temperature
In the high-speed operation of the machine, due to friction resulting in the consumption of power, all converted to heat, causing friction parts temperature rise. When lubricating lubricating oil, constantly from the friction surface to absorb heat to emit, or supply a certain amount of oil will be tropical to go, so that the friction surface of the temperature reduction.
3. Bearing temperature
Jaw crusher at high temperature work, the preferred should always pay attention to the bearing temperature, so that it maintains a good lubrication state, and pay attention to the sound and vibration of the abnormal. If it is not normal, stop and check immediately to find out the reason, the confirmation is not easily broken objects jammed, or hammerhead and other parts of the damage occurred.

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