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What is the use of the adjustment device of jaw crusher?
Aug 09, 2017

Jaw Crusher is a familiar a pieces of ore crushing machinery equipment for crushing and processing, jaw crusher's crushing ratio is big and jaw crusher can be used for the crushing of ore with more hardness, which is the key a ore crushing machinery and equipment in sandstone production line, we all know that the Ore crusher has adjustment device.
The General crusher machine has the adjustment device, these adjustment devices are designed to control the size of the discharging port of the mechanical equipment of the crusher, that is to say, the size of the ore crusher is mainly controlled by these adjusting devices, and the Dingbo heavy industry is talking about the adjustment device of the jaw crusher.
The adjustment device of jaw crusher is used to adjust the size of the material is mainly gasket adjustment and wedge adjustment, the two kinds of adjustment device working principle is through the block adjustment device. Jaw crusher What's so wonderful about this adjustment method?
The height of the jaw guard plate of the jaw crusher at the same time, to ensure that the jaw crusher fixed plate protection method, so that the jaw crusher's crushing cavity of the material granularity does not meet the requirements can not be discharged from the discharging port, can be very good adjustment jaw crusher crushing production size.

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