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A Variety Of Combination Mobile Crusher Performance
Dec 18, 2017

For the current mine crushing industry, mobile crushers become the industry's "aroma" of a new type of equipment, can be used for crushing ore processing environment, suitable for different hardness of the material. In addition, the mobile crusher is not only a single product of the equipment, but also can be based on the material needs of a variety of combinations, the specific combination of the following categories can be seen:


 1, sand making machine + vibrating screen mobile crusher

    The combination is a movable sand making and shaping product, which can directly go to the site to process the sand and gravel material. The main equipment is the sand making machine and the shaker. After the material is processed for sand making, Of the separation, the delivery of qualified materials to the finished product area, unqualified re-enter the sand making machine for plastic processing until the standard size.


2, cone crusher + vibrating screen mobile crusher

    The mobile crusher mainly includes cone crusher and circular vibrating screen. According to customer requirements, it can be equipped with different conical broken types, such as spring, hydraulic, compound, single cylinder and other types. Its broken by the belt conveyor to the conical broken material, the crushed material was then sent to the shaker, the screening of different particle size materials were sent to each finished area.


    Overall, the combination of tire-type screening sand making capacity is relatively large, according to the characteristics of sand making machine, the specifications of a variety of options, and the two kinds of equipment are free to exchange order, the first screening of sand , But also after the first sand screening, combination of flexible. In addition, Shanghai Dongmeng's mobile gravel machine can meet different needs from rough, medium to fine and fine. If you want to know more equipment details, please call the Shanghai East Hotline Tel: 021 -68911957

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