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Construction Waste Disposal Problems In The East Mongolian Construction Garbage Crusher To Support.
Mar 24, 2018

According to the characteristics of large amount of construction waste and complicated composition, it is not the best way to pile up landfill. In this regard, 10 temporary construction waste disposal sites were constructed in changsha, hunan province. However, these temporary disposal sites are of different sizes and different processing capacities. Some of them can be made into products directly from construction waste, and some can only be made into relatively crude materials.

To solve the problem of dealing with problems of changsha construction waste, through research, Shanghai east Mongolian mining machine test launch of construction waste crusher, can make the construction waste, waste not only can solve the problem of waste disposal, also can produce new resources to be able to put into new construction, improve the utilization rate.


The random stacking of construction waste can pollute water resources, affect the quality of air, gradually infiltrate into the soil and deeply pollute the earth. When using the construction waste crusher to effectively dispose the construction waste, it can not only beautify the environment, eliminate the pollution, but also save the space of the garbage dump. Construction waste crusher is also called construction waste processing equipment, is a construction waste processing production line, the main equipment are feeder, vibrating screen, crusher, belt conveyor, the central control cabinet and so on, can realize the construction waste crushing and screening. The crushing ratio of the construction waste crusher is larger than that of the larger one. The bottom is not equipped with a sieve mesh. The dry material will not affect the production process. The high-humidity material will not clog the equipment, dry and wet, and save the cost.

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