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Analysis On Investment Cost Of Sand Making Production Line
Aug 09, 2017

Due to the limitations of natural sand mining, now industrial and architectural use of what is often used equipment artificial sand, and customers in the purchase of sand production line, the most concerned about the problem is the cost of sand production line investment? Let's analyze the following points:

I. Production line process

Sand production line can be produced by dry sand and wet sand process, dry production process dust pollution is larger, only the implementation of closed production, and production of stone powder content is often exceeded, so the early construction cost is greater.

The wet production process needs to be in the area with abundant water resources, but the production process will cause waste of water resources, on the other hand, the washing of stone powder in artificial sand is also a waste of mineral resources.

II. Equipment required for production

Sand production line process can be broken, sand, wash sand three paragraphs to generalize its production process, in the various processes used in the equipment is also a variety of. such as crushing section can use jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, Cone crusher and other crushing equipment; sand-making equipment has a new type of sand-making machine, TK sand machine, vsi sand machine of the points; Sand washing equipment can choose wheel-type sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine, etc., the equipment selected in the production is different, also can cause the investment cost difference.

Third, user production needs

Users in the purchase of equipment, generally according to production or class output, feed granularity and the size of the different selection of equipment, taking the granularity of feeding and discharging granularity of sand-making equipment as an example, the new type sand making machine, TK sand making machine and VSI sand making machine are different, at this time, it is necessary to select equipment according to user's production demand, and its price will be different.

III. Actual working conditions

Here mainly refers to the strength and hardness of processing materials, such as granite, quartzite, basalt and other types of hard rock, in the production of sand equipment wear more, equipment accessories replacement cycle is short, then the investment in production will be relatively more.

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