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Application Of Crusher In Highway Bridge Construction
Aug 09, 2017

From the previous highway, railway to the present highway, high-speed railway and the construction of viaduct, China's road building industry is gradually moving towards a new level. Shanghai-Hangzhou High speed railway and various provinces and cities of the highway construction has fully demonstrated this point. As the foundation of Road and bridge construction is also the most widely used raw materials, building and gravel materials have been widely concerned. How to choose a good crusher and gravel production equipment is a top priority for many investors.

For the road-building industry, the choice of crusher and sand stone production line equipment is a very important problem, the quality of equipment is related to the quality of engineering construction. According to the different grades of the construction highway and railway, the quality of the aggregate is also very difference, so as to improve the quality of aggregate is the inevitable choice of sand stone plant, in which crusher, sand-making machine and so on the choice is very important.

The general production process of aggregate aggregates is: After the rock blasting smash after crushing the jaw crusher, and then according to the stone hardness and output need to choose the impact crusher or cone crusher for medium crushing treatment, finally, through the sand-making machine to deal with the standard sand particles, wet sand production also requires the sand washing machine to clean the gravel material, and finally to form a clean high-quality building with gravel material.

Of course, according to different localities, some areas can directly use river pebbles or pebbles directly in the process of processing, according to the stone sediment content and size of the sizes can be selected equipment: Jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine. The whole equipment also includes vibrating feeder, conveyor belt (belt conveyor), vibrating screen and sand washing machine.

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