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Building Waste Recycling Is In Line With China's National Conditions And Positive Exploration
Aug 09, 2017

Current situation of construction waste treatment
Building rubbish is the product of the overall acceleration of the building industry, and the construction waste is mostly solid waste, which is usually produced during the process of construction or the repair and demolition of old buildings. Different types of construction of the waste produced by various components of the different content, mainly by concrete, mortar, bricks, steel and slag, as well as other decorative wood, plastic and other light material composition.

According to the relevant statistics, 2014, China's urban construction waste output reached 1.5 billion tons, and 10% per year continues to soar, is expected to reach 2 billion tons in 2015, but China's construction waste treatment rate of only about 5%, and developed countries $number treatment level has a considerable gap.

At present, the main measure of construction waste disposal in China is landfill, but its harm is long and huge:

1, from the social point of view: construction waste heap occupies a large amount of land, 10,000 tons of construction waste if piled up, to occupy an area of 2.5 acres; landfill is harmful to underground water and soil structure, and dust, ash and sand fly in the process of removal and stacking, which causes serious environmental pollution.

2, from the economic point of view: a large number of untreated construction waste consumption of land expropriation fees, garbage removal costs and other construction funds.

Therefore, it can be seen from the above analysis that the way to find the construction waste to treasure and recycle the waste resources has great social gold and economic benefits, and the utilization of the construction waste is the only path to sustainable development and the realization of the recycle economy.

The way of building rubbish recycle
The recycling of construction rubbish is the process of building rubbish into waste. For example, in addition to construction waste landfill, in developed countries, the use of construction waste as raw materials for the production of recycled aggregates for the production of concrete and brick and other uses. Some researchers pointed out that construction garbage is a treasure, after effective development, the utilization rate of building waste in China can reach more than 95%.

1, Construction waste classification: The main is to reuse the construction waste steel, metal, wood, etc. to carry out sorting and recovery.

2, building waste made of recycled bricks: solid clay bricks as traditional building materials have no longer adapted to the needs of the development of the Times, the use of construction waste production of recycled bricks and other new building materials can not only meet the market's environmental requirements for building materials, but also can consume a lot of construction waste, such as the production of 150 million blocks of standard bricks can consume more than 400,000 tons of construction waste, save up to 160 acres of garbage.

3, building waste production recycled aggregate: the use of building waste production recycled aggregate is also the main way of building waste recycling in China. The construction waste after the initial clean-up, sorting out the recyclable steel and wood, and then the masonry, cement concrete block after crushing equipment broken into aggregate, through the sieve grading, remove impurities, to form a certain size requirements of building materials, then according to the gradation design requirements in the raw materials to add cement and fly ash and other auxiliary materials, adding a part of the water to stir into concrete soil, for the production of different construction products and road construction products, these products can be replaced by ordinary sand and gravel materials for roads and other infrastructure construction.

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