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Impact Crusher Maintenance
Mar 21, 2018

Impact crusher.

Impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency crushing equipment, characterized by small volume, simple structure, big crushing ratio, little energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform end product size, and selective crushing effect is widely used in building material, metallurgy, refractories, ceramics and other industries.


Impact crusher work principle.

The stone is dropped directly from the upper part of the machine into a rotating disk. In high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part to bypass around the rotary table by way of umbrella slung shot produced high-speed collision with high density of crushing, stone after fighting each other, and between wheel and the casing in the formation of vortex motion caused by repeatedly hit each other, friction, crushing, from the bottom to discharge. The formation of closed-circuit multiple cycles, the size of the required size is controlled by the screening equipment.

Impact crusher the installation

All fasteners should be fastened at the time of installation and before the test, and should be checked regularly in the production operation. In installation, attention should be paid to counter-attack to irreversible; After installation of the breakdown motor, it shall be equipped with a belt guard according to the installation condition; The gap between the counter strike plate and the plate hammer should be gradually adjusted according to the work needs. After adjustment, the number of rotors should be rotated to check for impact. - > after the adjustment, should lock sleeve nut, prevent counterattack plate vibrates loose nut and gradually decline after collision with plate hammer, cause an accident, because the discharging mouth of the Impact crusher on the bottom, Impact crusher height and how to cooperate with feeding and discharging device, shall be considered in the design of system is good.

Impact crusher debugging

When changing the hammer head and rotor parts, it should be balanced. Adjust the belt elastic moderate, fixed motor; Check whether the installation position of each part is moving, deforming and locking all bolts to check whether the seal is good; Check electrical box wiring and fastening conditions, adjust the delay relay and overload protector, switch on the circuit, and select the fuse of the appropriate specification; Check whether the hydraulic system action is reliable and whether there is leakage; Remove the foreign body in the counter crusher, move the rotor with the hand, check for friction and collision.

Impact crusher maintenance.

In order to guarantee the life of the Impact crusher, users often to maintenance of the machine, even timely replacement of wearing parts, including the plate hammer and counterattack plate, side plate, the rotor parts, such as the board hammer wear largest, also the shortest service life. Board hammer: to prevent the damage of fasteners and other parts by adjusting or replacing the hammer when it is worn to a certain level. Lining: open the cover, after dismantling the fixed counterattack plate with read pin, slotted nuts, bolts, can wear after counterattack plate replacement, such as device new back plate, inversion of the above steps immediately. In addition, a week after the operation to Impact crusher to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including fixed parts of fastening situation, belt drive, bearing seal, back plate, plate wear all put a review, and joint inspection cycle establish timely maintenance and replacement of the rail system, and problems encountered in the production and repair, to avoid penny wise and pound foolish.