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Dongmeng Vertical Impact Crusher For The Sand Stone Market Forces
Mar 23, 2018

Sand making machine not previously, people have been using are natural sand to build, but with the increase of infrastructure construction in China in recent years, the increase of aggregate demand, lead to natural sandstone has couldn't keep up with the pace of construction need, at this time they need to Shanghai east of vertical impact crusher for China construction output.

As the backbone of the manufacturing, mining machinery is the important economic pillar of the national economy, associated with the development of economic relations, along with the gradually reduce the influence of the global financial crisis, the economy started to pick up in our country, various metal, nonmetal, cement plants, expanding the scale of construction sand and gravel etc, around the country but also contributed to a new wave of construction, and sand making machine building industry in our country occupies a very important position and role in the development, has become one of the pillar industry of national economic development.


New type of vertical impact crusher is the Shanghai east Mongolia based on years of experience and technical personnel development created by the current market situation, it is a kind of advanced level high-throughput low-power sand production equipment, its performance in all kinds of ores and finely system plays a decisive role in sand production, is now more effective, practical and reliable gravel sand production equipment.

The vertical impact crusher is successfully solved the traditional sand making machine sand production rate, low energy consumption, unreasonable distribution, high wear a series of defects, and in order to make the produced sand conforms to the national standard, Shanghai east Mongolia technicians have adopted the principle of laminating crushing, the size and the shape of sand made of finished products of good and reasonable gradation, longer service life of wear parts at the same time, provides the high hardness of the stone sand making better equipment.