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East Mongolian Jaw Crusher
Jul 30, 2018

However, if the crushing industry is involved in the mining production process, jaw crusher has become the object of choice for mining development enterprises. Why is jaw crusher so popular in crushing? Let's find out today!

Jaw crusher small name tiger machine, this nickname sounds there is a tiger down the mountain of vision, but also the performance of the jaw crusher strong miniature.


When the jaw crusher works, the jaw crusher interacts with the jaw to reach the crushing effect. The jaw crusher in the work is just like a hungry tiger preying - fast, accurate and cruel!

How to choose the jaw crusher suitable for production line is a common problem faced by some mining development enterprises. Choosing the right jaw crusher can save the cost of production line, increase the output and create profits.


The jaw crusher of dongmeng machine has been widely used in mining smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.

East mune crusher has the following characteristics:

Wide range of applications

The east Mongolian jaw crusher can be used for medium size crushing of various ore and bulk materials, and the compressive strength of the crushed materials can reach 320MPa.

The welding frame structure is firm and reliable

The high quality steel plate welding machine frame of dongmeng jaw crusher avoids casting defect, is more solid and reliable, unique flywheel design, reduces vibration effectively, the machine runs more smoothly.

Lubricated dust-proof design

East Mongolian jaw crusher centralized lubrication system, using universal lubrication joint head, high efficiency and fast; Labyrinth seal, can effectively prevent dust. The machine speed is greatly increased, wear is reduced, and the efficiency is high and life is long.

Optimize the structure and operate more stably

The wire shape of the east Mongolian jaw crusher is optimized, the production capacity is improved, the manganese steel alloy is increased, the thickness is increased, the rigidity is durable, the upper and lower symmetry is adjustable, the damage to the bearing is reduced due to the deformation.

The eccentric shaft is heat treated by forging

The eccentric shaft of dongmeng crusher is heat treated by forging. The two ends are equipped with super large bearings with strong bearing capacity and strong durability.

The adjusting device is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder or screw

Dongmeng jaw crusher adopts mechanical or hydraulic discharge port adjustment device, and its double wedge adjustment mode is more simple, safe and fast than the corresponding gasket adjustment operation, saving the downtime.

Product design meets the requirements of the production line, which is the goal of Shanghai dongmeng road bridge's continuous efforts. In line with this goal, the equipment produced by Shanghai dongmeng road bridge has always been in line with the requirements of the production line, and has been constantly upgraded according to the requirements of the production line.


In order to meet the needs of different customers and solve the problems of customers, Shanghai dongmeng luqiao can customize the production line suitable for customers according to their requirements. Therefore, the choice of Shanghai dongmeng road bridge is to save energy, high productivity!