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How To Choose Construction Waste Crusher? Insider Attention On These 5 Advantages!
Aug 14, 2018

For the friends in the rising stage of the construction waste crushing enterprise, choosing a crushing equipment which takes on a heavy responsibility is undoubtedly an important choice. And the market, can stand the test, non-caterpillar mobile crushing station, after seeing these five advantages, I believe you will make wise choices.


1. The chassis adopts all-steel ship structure with high strength and better adaptability to the working site.

2. High-power walking motor with strong power, safe and reliable.

3. Adopt well-known brand motor to achieve excellent performance of the power system, featuring low noise and energy saving.

4. We can supply crushing and screening equipment at all levels according to the requirements of customers, and optimize the design of the whole machine to fully guarantee the quality.

5. The generator set can be equipped to meet the normal operation requirements in complex situations such as no electricity or power failure, ensure continuous operation and reduce loss.


Answering questions out

Customer: what can the mobile crushing station achieve in one hour?

Engineer: the mobile phone can be 40t-500t per hour, depending on the configuration.

Customer: what about the quality of the mobile crushing station?

Engineer: dongmeng mobile crushing station has been applied in many countries and regions, and customers have responded well. The broken motor and chassis of dongmeng mobile are all equipped with relatively advanced equipment, you can be assured to purchase.

Customer: what about the after-sales service in dongmeng, Shanghai?

Engineer: Shanghai dongmeng offers one-stop service, which runs through every link, adhering to the "one-stop, steward-level" service, the old brand of more than 40 years, is worthy of your trust, let you really have nothing to worry about after sales