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Jiangsu Nantong Construction Waste Disposal Introduced 100 Tons Of Construction Waste Crusher In Dongmeng, Shanghai.
Apr 03, 2018

Nantong is a city on the riverside, with a reputation as the pearl of jianghai and the first window of yangzi. Here, beautiful scenery, outstanding people, long history, famous people. However, the increasing number of construction waste has broken the urban face of nantong, so the construction waste recycling project has been vigorously carried out in nantong, which immediately started a construction waste management craze. This year, nantong customers welcomed the busy construction waste recycling. Recently, the author visited nantong customer's company, enter the door to see forklift company to send construction waste in the construction waste crusher, is at the other end of the equipment, grain shape neat, uniform particle size of construction waste recycled aggregates are dump from the discharging mouth into the finished product.


According to the renewable resources co., LTD., head, he is now used by the mobile construction waste crusher is the beginning of 2017 brought from Shanghai east Mongolia luqiao machinery co., LTD., the power set of equipment is strong, the efficiency is high, according to the customer demand per hour can be finished 100 tons of construction waste crushing screening work, the construction waste recycling utilization rate as high as 95% above, the dust removing impurity device on the equipment automatic separation not broken impurities such as wood, plastic, make the finished product. Not only that, the device can also automatically sort out the wire and scrap steel, which can be sold in the market as expensive steel after being re-fired.


Shanghai east Mongolia is engaged in construction waste treatment equipment manufacturer, has been committed to the development of the equipment, after painstaking research, based on the content and material characteristics of construction waste production construction waste crushing station. This kind of equipment technology advanced, broken than large, crushing effect is good, the finished product granularity completely accord with national standard, to the requirement of new building materials price because the price is the domestic independent research and development has more advantages than foreign equipment. Construction waste crusher can be combined with construction waste brick making machine, formed a construction waste brick production line, directly in the site production, more to save cost, handling cost, better implementation of in situ crushing, production, use on the spot. Shanghai east of construction waste treatment equipment manufacturer with professional service and quality products to win the broad market, in Shanghai, jiangsu, Malaysia, the Philippines, Algeria, successfully put into production, welcome new and old customers to visit.

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