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Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Station Enables Solid Waste To Transform Into Recycled Aggregate
Jul 27, 2018

Construction waste management will be the future urban development must pay attention to the problem, should according to the actual urban development, in accordance with the "stock management, incremental control, resource recovery and the train of thought, planning urban construction waste management and the new pattern of industrial development, construction waste crusher manufacturer Shanghai east Mongolia around the construction waste comprehensive utilization of contribute efforts to boost urban construction waste comprehensive, scientific and effective way to solve problem.

The construction waste known as "invisible gold" has been increasingly valued by some investors in recent years and is being excavated. By using the equipment of the construction waste treatment production line to conduct crushing and screening treatment, it has changed the disadvantages brought by the traditional construction waste landfill. After the reuse and treatment of the construction waste, the construction waste is transformed into recycled aggregate and has a good market, which has become a good project for the benefit of the country and the people.


City construction waste are mostly derived from the old city building demolition and reconstruction of infrastructure, the construction waste is difficult to break down and difficult, if not scientific and reasonable treatment, it is easy to cause serious environmental pollution, is not conducive to people's health, like mill through continuous r&d launched the latest portable small construction waste crusher, to construction waste treatment of recycled aggregates, the recycled aggregate can be used for brick, block, wall, floor tile and other building materials products and preparation such as concrete, mortar or block, wall and floor tile and other building materials products. Zhongyi mobile small construction waste crusher integrates crushing and screening. It has the characteristics of strong mobility, strong crushing capacity, low noise and strong adaptability to complex environment.

As a new industry, the recycling of construction waste has carried out green environmental protection throughout the whole production process. The zero pollution and zero waste disposal of construction waste has been highly praised by domestic and foreign urban construction. In China's Shanghai, guangzhou, hangzhou, ningbo, nanjing, nantong, yiwu, qinhuangdao, fuzhou, xi 'an and other developed cities, this kind of construction waste has been adopted early to solve local problems, and further realized the construction waste brick treatment, which has been followed by many neighboring cities.