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Mobile Crushing Plant Construction Waste Recycling
Dec 14, 2017

As China's urbanization accelerates, construction waste has also become a huge problem. Landfill / accumulation everywhere not only pollutes the environment, but also results in the waste of resources. Reuse of construction waste is time to put on the agenda.

One principle of construction waste disposal is soundness, recycling and reduction. Therefore, it is absolutely not desirable for traditional landfill / accumulation. In recent years, construction and recycling proposed this idea, for the construction of waste disposal and lack of resources to find a way out. The mobile crushing plant can turn the construction waste into the recycled aggregate, which can be used for paving and brick making. It can not only solve the pollution problem of construction waste but also realize the recycling of resources. ".

Building debris can become a hot resource by moving crushing stations. Construction waste contains a large amount of coagulation, brick, steel and other materials. However, sorting, crushing, screening and brick making these so-called "rubbish" can be used to make bricks, Paving and other building materials products.


In addition, the mobile crushing plant has the flexibility to operate directly to the construction site, thus saving a huge amount of material transportation costs, realizing zero discharge and zero outbound transportation during the construction waste treatment process, and performing green digestion and recycling on site.

Mobile crushing station can also be based on the need to freely combine crushing equipment, such as with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other equipment, making the mobile crushing plant more targeted. Henan Red Star mobile crusher not only have all of the above functions, but also has low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection / good wear-resistant characteristics, is currently recognized on the market of professional construction waste treatment equipment.

China's urban construction waste increased year by year, if the construction waste are properly re-use of resources, you can create a trillion of value, can be described as recycling of construction waste not only benefit the country, but also very "money "view.

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