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Shanghai Dongmeng Construction Trash Crusher To Win Plaudits.
Apr 13, 2018

As the saying goes, "see the real chapter under the hand", even more so in the construction of modern and widely implemented construction waste resources. Since our country entered the 21st century, the standardization of the construction waste processing, once rose to national conditions need more broke out by the construction waste and crisis let people have to find new ways. Shanghai dongmeng luqiao machinery co., LTD. Has won the attention of people in the industry with the research and development of construction waste crusher.


Usually divided into waste construction waste crushing, screening, regeneration of the three core areas, and in the broken phase of traditional equipment can't avoid winding rotor of concrete problems, resulting in long downtime regeneration efficiency is low. In order to solve this phenomenon, zhongyi mining machine actively learns to absorb domestic and foreign technology, thus successfully completing the specialized construction waste crusher research and development work.


Based on the east of the pursuit of automation and green construction waste given pattern, light automated material handling equipment, flotation equipment, dust preventing noise suppression technology upgrade to the processing of construction waste is more simple and convenient, and the related development of positive policies to promote and market the drive of the situation, make Shanghai east road and bridge machinery co., LTD. Has to undertake the more comprehensive utilization project orders, thus started the market reputation.


Feeding mouth waste or concrete, brick, stone, etc of the construction waste, at the other end of the belt along the sending machine out came out four different granularity of recycled aggregates, but after a subsequent processing and it can be transformed into new walling materials, unburned brick environmental protection and green building materials to be put into use, the Shanghai east of road and bridge machinery co., LTD. Construction waste recycling efficiency and environmental protection equipment and realize the transition from "garbage to gold", if you would like to know more information may wish to communicate directly with our professional customer service 021-68911957 

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