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Shanghai Dongmeng VSI Sand Making Machine: The Old Guns In The Field Of Mine Crushing.
Mar 28, 2018

Shanghai dongmeng VSI sand making machine: the old guns in the field of mine crushing.


When it comes to sand making machines, people who believe in sand industry are no strangers to it. With the acceleration of modern engineering construction, the gradual shortage of natural resources has made the mechanism sand on the historical stage. Especially with the development of infrastructure and national road network construction, the quality sand stone market has ushered in a rare "golden age". In order to avoid the history of excess capacity, our country has put forward the resource optimization mining economic development.


The importance of sand making machine is obvious in the whole production line. Especially in the face of the granite, diabase, cobble and other hard rock crushing stage, sand making machine is bear the customs and the quality of production, and therefore the core of this stage is particularly crushing equipment for mineral processing test technology. According to the sales situation in recent years, there is a stage in the market for every four sand making machines. The VSI sand machine has been the first in sales for five consecutive years.


The creation of market performance, mainly benefited from the quality of the products in the market inspection has been highly recognized by users. VSI sand making machine integrates environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and other advantages. It adopts the principle of "stone stone" and "stone iron", which keeps a good historical record in various applications. Through the technical improvement of the deep cavity rotor, the thin oil lubrication station and the combined hammer, the production efficiency is increased by more than 30%. At the same time, it has the same shaping effect, so that the finished product has a uniform grain size, excellent grain shape and complete grading.


In the face of green mining economy requirement, the Shanghai east Mongolia VSI sand making machine based on the core technology breakthrough, added a variety of advantages for VSI system sand machine, and performance, realize the organic combination of high efficiency and low energy consumption, worthy of mine broken old cannons in the field of power.

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