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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Crusher Is Generally Considered From Several Aspects
Aug 18, 2018

Whether the mining coal, copper, iron ore, or other deposit, a very important mechanical tools are used, the crusher, a the most suitable crusher of choose and buy, not only directly related to the mining surface work efficiency, to some extent, but also related to the follow-up can continuous production, is an event about the healthy development of enterprises. So how to choose a suitable crusher? The following points should be taken into consideration:

One is to choose by the nature of the deposit. Depending on the nature of the ore, so coal mine, choose cone crusher, so general iron ore, copper ore, choose two level 3 broken crusher, the best choice is to counterattack crusher, if it is some more ore hardness, resistance, should choose to have a higher hardness of the crusher, so should first understand the applicable scope of hardness and grinding characteristics of various kinds of crusher. The most commonly used crushers in mines are the jaw crusher and cone crusher, because they can break very hard ore (up to 350Mpa), which is the best choice for mines where the ore is relatively hard.

Second, according to the comprehensive production process conditions to choose. Selected crushing machine to fit the needs of gravel production line efficiency maximization, according to different production scale and production process conditions, the reasonable arrangement of coarse crushing, crushing, fine grinding and other processing equipment, in the play of each machine, so as to prepare for the next choose concentrate, thereby saving work time, improve the efficiency of the whole process of production.

Third, according to the brand and price to consider. After choosing the type, you should choose the specific brand, price is also an important consideration. At this time, we recommend those products with guaranteed quality and good reputation.

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