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The Main Cause Of Tooth Plate Abrasion Of Jaw Crusher
Aug 15, 2018

The tooth plate wear of jaw crusher belongs to chisel wear. For example, the tooth plate of PE600*900 jaw crusher is standard high manganese steel treated by water toughness. It can be seen from the observation of the grinding surface of the tooth plate under the scanning electron microscope that the surface of the tooth plate is squeezed into concavo-convex parts of materials, and then pushed by the abrasive to form the pressure tongue grinding surface. On the grinding surface of the tooth plate, many grinding marks caused by abrasive sharp Angle and short-range sliding can be seen, and microcracks can be seen on the surface of the tooth plate.

After analysis, the main reasons for wear of the tooth plate are as follows: abrasive relatively to the tooth plate, short-range sliding, cutting metal, resulting in wear debris and repeated extrusion of the abrasive, causing repeated deformation of the tooth plate material, resulting in fatigue shedding of the metal material. The wear failure process is as follows:

The material repeatedly squeezes and cuts the tooth plate repeatedly, forming microcracks on the surface of the tooth plate area or at the root of the protruding part of the extruded metal. This microcracks constantly extend to the connection, causing the metal material on the surface to fall off and form abrasive debris.

Repeated extrusion of the material causes the metal material of the tooth plate to be partially fractured or upturned. The cracked or upturned part will fall off together with the material hit by the extrusion to form grinding debris.

Slotted material relative to the tooth plate, cutting tooth plate form abrasive.

Therefore, it is mainly hardness and toughness to control tooth plate wear from wear materials. The material is hard, the material extrusion depth is shallow, the material deformation is small, the material to the material short-range sliding cutting quantity is also small. The material has good toughness and strong fracture resistance, which can eliminate brittle fracture in the process of extrusion impact and improve the ability to resist fatigue deformation and crack.

The jaw crusher has different sizes and specifications, different feeding granularity and sharpness, different extrusion and impact force on the tooth plate, and large and medium crushing pressure. Besides the anti-extrusion pressure and anti-sliding cutting of materials, the impact force and bending stress of the impact should also be considered. Therefore, the material selection of large gear plate should be of high toughness and good comprehensive performance.

According to the wear failure analysis above, the material with high hardness should be selected to resist extrusion and microcutting failure, and the material with sufficient toughness should be selected to resist the impact fatigue failure caused by chisel cutting. At the same time, the structure of the tooth plate is improved to reduce the relative sliding between the material and the tooth plate.