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The Ore - Jaw Crusher Initiates The New Age Of The Crushing Of The Quarry Stone.
Mar 28, 2018

The jaw crusher, as the main equipment of mine crushing project, has been used as the first crack in the mine for many years. The ore is crushed by the tilt of the movable jaw plate from the fixed jaw plate to the other side. But long time as the broken initial break, too much crushing and harder material to break the jaw. It has short service life, constant maintenance and repair, and high failure rate. The new model of the new type of jaw crusher is a new type of European jaw crusher which is produced by the traditional jaw crusher according to the traditional jaw crusher.


Shanghai east road and bridge machinery co., LTD., as a domestic professional research and development of crushing equipment manufacturers, over the years has a wealth of experience, research and development of product types, are exported to all over the world, have achieved good results.


Among them, one of the many devices of jaw crusher is made of the world's high-end top-grade materials. The movable jaw is made of high-quality cast steel and its service life is far greater than that of traditional jaw crusher. The unique debugging device makes it easier to adjust and repair the equipment, which is a feature of the equipment. In order to improve the production efficiency, the equipment adopts the tooth shape guard plate, which increases the length of the jaw plate, thus increasing the output.

The motor drives the belt and the pulley, and moves the jaw up and down with the eccentric shaft, and the material is crushed or chopped when the moving jaw pushes the jaw plate to move. When the moving jaw and the moving jaw regress under the action of the eccentric shaft and the spring, the material previously crushed or chopped is discharged from the lower discharge outlet of the jaw plate. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the crushing and moving jaw is used to crush and excrete materials periodically to realize mass production.


From production, installation and service life, the performance of the equipment is far higher than that of traditional jaw crusher, which has caused the new climax of the mining industry. Shanghai east Mongolia as a domestic big crushing equipment production base, years of technical research and various regions of the country's broken to use the site, is representing our many years in crushing equipment research and development production field strength proof.

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