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The Working Principle Of The Crusher Is Introduced
Aug 13, 2018

As the main equipment of mining, the crushing equipment is mainly aimed at the crushing of stones of different sizes. The crushing equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, mobile crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher.

The mining crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of stone materials. According to the different principles of crushing and the different particle sizes of products, it is divided into many types. The crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.

The working principle of the crusher equipment is that the stone from the upper part of the machine directly falls into the high-speed rotary disc; Under the action of high speed centrifugal force, the flying stones shunting around the rotary table with another part in the umbrella mode generate high speed collision and high-density crushing. After hitting each other, the stone materials will form eddy current movement between the rotary table and the casing, resulting in many times of mutual strike, friction and crushing, and discharge from the bottom through. A closed circuit is formed, which is controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required particle size.

In the metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors, a large number of raw materials and recycled waste are required to be used in the crusher processing. For example, in a concentrator, in order to separate the useful minerals from the monomers, a crusher is needed to break the raw ore into the granularity required by the grinding process.

At present, Shanghai dongmeng road bridge machinery co., LTD. Crusher equipment includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, fighting crusher and other complete series of crushers,