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Understand The Structure Of Mine Rock And Pay Attention To Mining Details
Aug 09, 2017

Mining is not only to know the different structure and characteristics of various rocks, but also need to pay attention to the operational details in the process of mining, the following is to analyze the structural characteristics of magmatic rock and sedimentary rocks, as well as in the mining of some matters needing attention.

I. The common structure of some rocks

The structure of magmatic rock

(1) Block structure

It is a common structure for the members of the rock, with massive tectonic rocks, with no order in their mineral arrangement. The Rock section has no tie gap, it is-like to immerse the rock like the flower outstanding. The structural characteristics of diorite etc.

(2) stomatal structure

The lava in the mountainous table, when condensing, the gas towel contained in the total J pressure is reduced and selected, forming many circles to form an elliptical gas-tie. The pore-like structure, which is the structure of the rock and the Code of the rock.

(3) Almond-like structure

The gas that is sprayed out of rock is filled with some minor matter such as calcite, etc., forming a shape resembling a kernel. Bureau; OU 10-shaped structure:

(4) Flow pattern structure

The directional pattern of the micro-crystalline minerals in the rock, or the directional grain of the glass, makes the rock have the obvious stripe, and the conditional structure of the stream-like rock is called the flow-pattern structure, which is the unique structure of the spouting rock calendar.

Structure of sedimentary rocks

The structure of sedimentary rocks is more diverse, which is usually divided into clastic rock structure, clay rock structure, chemical rock and biochemistry six structures.

Clastic rock structure is mainly clastic structure. Refers to the structure of a material cemented by a binder, usually divided into gravel, angular gravel (2Mn in diameter), and sand-like structure (particle size in 2-0.05mm) and silty sand structure (granular in 0.05-0.005M),

The clay rock structure mainly refers to the muddy structure, such as mudstone and shale structure, which consists of clay particles with a particle diameter of less than 0.05mm.

Chemical Rock and cattle chemical rock structure is the most main is the knot grain structure, for chemical solution precipitate knot products. The crystalline grains are generally small, mostly fine crystalline crystals, and most of the rocks with crystalline structure are of dense mass.

The bedding structure of sedimentary rocks

Sedimentary rocks are layered, which is one of the most important external characteristics of sedimentary rocks to form layered rock formations. The boundary between the two neighboring provinces, called the level, two layers between the vertical distance, is the sedimentary rock layer thickness, according to the thickness, sedimentary rocks are divided into thin layer (thick 2-10cnl), medium thick layer (layer thick 10-50cin), thick layer (layer thick 50-100cm) and thick layer (layer thick 2-10cm). The thickness of the strata becomes thinner to the side, and the fire is called the tip of the rock strata, and the thin layer of rock is sandwiched between thick strata, called the lens body.

The formation process of sedimentary rocks is long and slow, because of the different sources of deposition time, which causes the difference of composition, grain weight and color in vertical direction of sedimentary strata.

II. Matters needing attention in mining

Because of the small size of rock mass, the difference between rock mass must be larger than that of the rock body, so the selection of rock mass should be selected first, and then the favorable area within the rock mass.

Theoretically, the advantageous rock mass must be: The alkali metasomatism is strong, the remelting action is strong, the scale is larger, the lithology is the rock body of the mixed potash long granite. Strict selection of the key, mainly in the choice of the conditions, but also to expand the range of choices, to grasp the known rock mass, to find the unknown rock mass, in order to select from the number of more rock bodies and favorable areas, in order to improve the average mining rate of the mine to lay a solid foundation.

Mining mines produced by the large number of waste, should be in the long-term perspective of waste rock dumping work, waste rock must be strictly discharged to the mining realm of waste rock field, the production of large-scale mines, but also equipped with dump truck, as the exclusive vehicle dumping waste stone.

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