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Wide Application Of Mobile Crusher In Mining Industry
Aug 09, 2017

A wide variety of crusher, but mostly because of inconvenient transportation, large volume and limited time people's widespread use, and mobile crusher because of its flexible and convenient, mobile performance cavity, can save a lot of infrastructure costs, the material can be on-site crushing advantages, and now more and more appear in the mining operations.

Mobile crushing screening equipment mainly includes primary crushing, two crushing, sieving equipment and conveyor equipment, all levels of crushing stations are an independent work unit, can each fulfill its different responsibilities, belt conveyor is responsible for crushing the transmission and stacking of materials between the screening.

At present, there are many kinds of classification of mobile crusher in the market, according to its walking mode can be divided into tire-type mobile crusher and crawler-type mobile crusher; According to the different host equipment can be divided into jaw-type mobile crusher, counterattack-type mobile crusher, cone-type mobile crusher, impact-type mobile crusher and so on.
Use of mobile crusher

1. Mobile crushing station with multi-function operation characteristics;

2. Mobile crushing station is widely used in mining, mining, Cement industry mining site hard materials rough;

3. Mobile crusher for the recycling of construction waste, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations;

4. Mobile crusher to deal with surface soil and other kinds of materials, separation of viscous coagulation aggregates, construction and demolition industry, crushing screening, quarrying industry.

5. Mobile crushing station to the cement concrete road to transform the split-type crushing, asphalt concrete material again in the lifetime crushing.

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